Ottawa councillor Tobi Nussbaum wants snow cleared from more paths (CBC News)

Ottawa Coun. Tobi Nussbaum wants the city to commit in its plans to clear more paths for pedestrians and cyclists this winter.

Councillors on the City of Ottawa's transportation committee have already pledged $200,000 a year to remove more snow — on top of the 20 kilometres of paths already cleared — but the plan still needs to be approved at budget time.

"Everybody benefits because we'll have people who chose to do this, it will relieve congestion, it will lessen the wear and tear on our roads, and it will give people real choice in the way they move around our city," said Nussbaum, who cycles year round.

"I love taking my bike, I get sad every year when I have to stop, so I would totally extend my biking season," said resident Nicola Cameron.

The city mostly clears paths considered essential, leaving out routes such as the O-Train pathway.

A map detailing the proposed additional pathways is expected by next month.

Nussbaum said cities with a similar climate, such as Copenhagen, Denmark, have more people biking in the winter because the city clears more paths.

Source: CBC News