Ottawa Citizen >> Stanley Park, a giant hole in the ground, 30,000 loads of muck

So the news — about the giant hole in its heart — has struck hard.

As part of the “Combined Sewage Storage Tunnel,” the City of Ottawa is planning to dig a massive shaft on the edge of venerable Stanley Park — named for a governor general — a hole as wide as a house (13 metres) and as deep as a six-storey building (20 metres).

All on the banks of the Rideau River, a stone’s throw — oh yes, there shall be stones — from 24 Sussex Drive and Rideau Hall. But that’s not the half. Into the shaft will be lowered a tunnel boring machine and, from the bottom, it will begin eating its way west under the Rideau toward LeBreton Flats.

The eventual pipe itself is huge: three metres in diameter and part of a six-km, cross-shaped network, roughly bisecting Centretown.


Source: Ottawa Citizen, Kelly Egan, Dec. 12, 2016