Ottawa Citizen >> EGAN: We handed homeless sector to faith groups. Now we cry for control?

By Kelly Egan

Weeks ago, a city councillor coolly made a prediction to me on a hot topic.

The Salvation Army proposal for a social service complex on Montreal Road would easily be approved by Ottawa’s planning committee, then sail through city council.

So far, he’s money. How could he know? Well, the mayor was on board, he said, a couple of leading committee members had signalled their support, planning staff were on-side and there were enough positive aspects to the $50-million plan — especially in some other buddy’s ward — to make a “yes” vote politically defensible. (And he isn’t even on the committee, which speaks to what common knowledge this was at city hall.)

So, 170 delegations aside, this goose may have been well and truly cooked ages ago. “Disgusting,” ward councillor Mathieu Fleury labelled the politics. Meh, maybe. But it’s the old thing about democracy — a horrible system except when compared to all the others.


Source: Ottawa Citizen, by Kelly Egan, Nov. 20, 2017