What are my key priorities? / Quels sont mes priorités?


Ward residents often ask me a very sensible question – “What are your key priorities?”.  Instead of giving a long-winded answer, I figured a picture is worth a thousand words. So, here, in visual form, are my nine priorities categorized in four issue areas. Comments and feedback welcome.

Tobi's Key Priorities

Les gens du quartier me demandent souvent une question très pertinente – « Quels sont tes priorités? » . À la place d’en parler jusqu’à ce que j’en sois à bout de souffle, je me suis dit qu’une photo vaut mille mots. Donc voici, en image,  mes neuf priorités divisées en quatre catégories. Vos commentaires sont les bienvenus.

Priorités principales Tobi Nussbaum

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New city landscaping - trees and grass

Like you, I bike all over the city on the wonderful system of trails. In many places new trees were planted last year as well as new grass, and from my view a majority of trees and grass did not survive the winter. Case in point, along the Rideau River trail, beside the Queensway near the river, and around the splendid bridge across the highway from the train station to the baseball stade. The city park team should spend more time tending and replacing poorly done landscaping, forcing the tree suppliers and planters and landscapers to redo their work at no cost to the city. Furthermore, that splendid new overpass has not been cleaned or tended since it was opened. The city needs to patrol public places with a view to maintaining them ensuring the beautiful places are regularly inspected and always well tended.