Stanley Avenue safety improvements and New Edinburgh Playground construction

New Edinburgh playground improvements
The New Edinburgh playground renewal is set to begin the week of July 17, 2017. This important project is a community partnership between the Crichton Community Council and the City of Ottawa to renew and improve the New Edinburgh Park Playground. 
The playground redevelopment plan shown here is a result of a series of community consultations over the last year and includes the removal of play equipment that had reached the end of its lifecycle, the relocation and renewal of the shade shelter and the addition of new swings, slide, flexible teeter totter, play house, water/sand play area and school-age play structure.  The renewed playground will meet all City accessibility standards and will feature a new pathway around the playground, fencing, park furniture, park sign and landscaping.  
For specific information on the playground renewal plans, contact my office or the project lead, Paul Landry.
Safety improvements on Stanley and pedestrian links
The start of playground reconstruction will coincide with the permanent closure of the paved parking area adjacent to the playground. This re-greening effort is being undertaken in consultation with local community groups and is focused on improving pedestrian safety in the area. Street parking along both sides of Stanley will continue to serve users of the park.
Other improvements to pedestrian safety in the area of Stanley Avenue near the playground are being undertaken by the CSST team in co-ordination with the playground construction. These changes include:
  • re-configuration of the CSST Site 5 construction egress to create a 90-degree intersection with Stanley Avenue and add a stop line, to improve safety with respect to construction traffic;
  • connection of the two construction sites’ fencing, to ensure safety; and
  • roadway modifications along Stanley Avenue, expected to be initiated in the next three weeks:
    • installation of new sidewalk (connecting to the existing sidewalk) along the west side of Stanley Avenue from north of the CSST Site 5 construction egress to north of the playground construction egress 
    • installation of new sidewalk (to tie into existing sidewalk) along the east side of Stanley Avenue from north of the pedestrian crossover (PXO) and extending southerly; and
    • installation of a tactile accessibility feature (TWSI) at the pedestrian crossover.
Please click here to see a drawing of the changes:
The playground construction will also include installation of temporary construction fencing and a pathway detour – indicated in yellow in this attached drawing – to ensure continued access to the splash pad (which will be open, construction permitting) and the stone dust pathway along the river.
Following the completion of the playground construction, expected in October 2017, the CSST project team will be installing the remaining portion of the new sidewalk along the west side of Stanley Avenue – indicated in red in the attached drawing.  In the interim, a temporary rubber sidewalk will be put in place. This is to ensure that the newly installed sidewalk is not damaged during playground construction.  

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