East of the Rideau Transit Forum Update / Mise à jour – Forum sur les transports en commun à l’est de la rue Rideau

Thank you to all the residents who joined me and Councillor Fleury at the East of the Rideau Transit Forum on June 6, 2017. It a useful event with lots of information on the proposed changes to bus routes that will come into effect when the LRT comes online in 2018. 

In our effort to make sure as many residents as possible have the opportunity to hear how the proposals could affect their route we have posted the full presentation by OC Transpo staff below. You can find details on the future of bus routes in Ward 13 in these slides. We will continue to keep you informed as these proposals are finalized and implemented.

See full presentation from OC Transpo here:

It was a pleasure to hear so many great ideas from residents on the bus route plan for 2018. We spent a productive evening reviewing the proposed changes and listening to your feedback. Through these discussions and the survey, five major themes emerged from our engagement: the need for improved service frequency and reliability for route 9 along Vanier Parkway, consideration of an express (or limited stop) route 12 along Montreal Road, an interest in having route 18 access Tremblay Station, Ottawa Train Yards and maintain its path on Rideau (not Laurier), the need for route 19 to serve eastern Overbrook (via Frances Street vs. St-Laurent) and the importance of having a route to Wateridge Village run north-south to Blair Station. 

We have followed up on these issues with OC Transpo with the following outcomes:

1.    Improving reliability and frequency of route 9 along Vanier Parkway. OC Transpo will be working with Traffic Services to investigate how traffic signals can be optimized to improve the reliability of the bus via transit priority measures.

2.    Limit the stops for route 12 along Montreal Road. OC Transpo staff are reluctant to introduce an express route 12 as their analysis concludes that such a service will not result in improved reliability or speed along this route, given the pinch points on Montreal Road are single lane in each direction. They are also concerned that reduced service to other bus stops would mean longer wait times for riders at non-express stops. Instead, there are instead counting on opportunities when Montreal Road undergoes construction to improve transit by streamlining stops and installing transit priority measures.

3.    Loop route 18 to Tremblay and/or Ottawa Train Yards and keep the 18 along Rideau Street. OC Transpo has agreed to keep route 18 on Rideau Street. Since expanding route 18 on the south end would affect route time and frequency, OC Transpo staff are currently investigating how best to meet this challenge. 

4.    Modify route 19 to run along Frances and Queen Mary Streets rather than Donald Street. This idea, which received strong support at the meeting and in comments since, has been accepted by OC Transpo. As a result, this change will be incorporated into the proposed route plan.  

5.    Wateridge Service to Blair Station. While the medium to long-term plan includes bus service to Blair Station, OC Transpo has determined that, in the short term, the planned routing of the 27 north south to St. Laurent via Cummings and the east west service 17 via Brittany and Hemlock/Beechwood serves a substantially larger number of residents. 

As the LRT comes online in 2018, I will continue to monitor the changes, listen to user feedback and work to ensure routes are meeting community needs. 

Mise à jour – Forum sur les transports en commun à l’est de la rue Rideau

Merci à tous les résidents qui se sont joints à moi et au conseiller Fleury lors du Forum sur les transports en commun à l’est de la rue Rideau le 6 juin 2017. L’événement s’est avéré utile et très informatif au sujet des modifications proposées aux circuits d’autobus qui entreront en vigueur à l’arrivée du train léger en 2018.

Pour donner la chance à autant de résidents que possible de connaître les effets des propositions sur leur trajet, nous avons publié ci-dessous toute la présentation des employés d’OC Transpo. Vous trouverez dans ces diapositives les détails sur l’avenir des circuits d’autobus dans le quartier 13. Nous vous tiendrons au courant au fur et à mesure que ces propositions sont confirmées et mises en œuvre.

C’est avec plaisir que j’ai pu écouter les idées des résidents quant à l’amélioration de la fiabilité du transport en commun. Je travaille de concert avec le personnel d’OC Transpo pour que l’on tienne compte de ces idées tout au long du projet.

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