CSST work begins March 20, 2017

The CSST project team has indicated that construction activities are scheduled to begin in New Edinburgh the week of March 20, 2017 to support the Combined Sewage Storage Tunnel (CSST) project. Initial site set-up activities will include work such as: snow removal, some tree clearing in Stanley Park, fencing installation and ground preparation. The CSST project team's Field Ambassador, Laura Hill, will be on site during this work to assist with inquiries. 

Please refer to the project schedule provided by the CSST project team for an overview of the activities that residents can expect over the course of this construction project. Click here to view the project schedule.

Interim Truck Route

The CSST team has established an interim truck route  to support these activities. The interim truck route will remain in place until a decision is made on the preferred truck route(s).  This interim route, which is a mix of the routes “N1” and “S1” presented at the CSST Open House (February 22, 2017), provides separate access and egress (exit) for construction vehicles as follows:

  • Route N1 functioning as access (enter): Trucks will enter New Edinburgh from Sussex Drive at Stanley Avenue, then access Stanley Park via Queen Victoria. 
  • Route S1 functioning as egress (exit): Trucks will exit the construction site along the multi-use pathway then leave Stanley Park at Stanley Avenue near Dufferin Road. Trucks will then continue on Dufferin Road to Crichton Street and exit the community westbound at St. Patrick

Implementation of this interim route will involve some temporary changes at the point where the multi-use pathway meets Stanley Avenue near Dufferin Road. The CSST project team is currently working on the details of these temporary measures, which are intended to provide improved safety to the public (particularly pedestrians) at that location.

The CSST project team's recommended preferred truck routes (incorporating feedback from the open house), will be available to the community the week of March 20. 

Queen Victoria/River Lane

Construction activities will also commence at Site 5c (Queen Victoria at River Lane) the week of March 20, 2017. Signage will be installed to close the intersection for construction. River Lane between Union and Keefer will be signed for two-way traffic.  

The work will commence with excavation to relocate the existing sewers and watermain around the proposed shaft. Since this work entails moving the sewers and watermain outside of the work area for the CSST shaft, most of the work will take place outside of the area to be fenced off for the year. This work is expected to take two to three weeks. Please note: the CSST project team has indicated that noise barrier fencing will not be in place for this period because the realigned watermain and sewer pipes will be located where the planned noise barrier fencing will be placed during CSST construction.

Following the sewer and watermain work, Bell and Rogers will be relocating some overhead wires at the intersection of Queen Victoria and River Lane. This will involve localized undergrounding of some wires at that intersection, changes to poles and the addition of one utility pedestal. This work is expected to take approximately two weeks.

The CSST team has indicated that the project contractor has solicited submissions from multiple suppliers of noise barrier products and will be providing these options to the City shortly. These barriers will be installed around Site 5c during CSST construction.  

For more information, please click here to read the full construction notice:

For CSST project background information, maps and memos, please refer to this page. To access past updates and blog posts, please click here


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