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Gloucester Food Cupboard donations

The cupboards are bare at the Heron Emergency Food Centre – and it's not the only food bank in this city that is suffering based on an increased need as Syrian refugees living on social assistance can’t make ends meet.

Louisa Simms, head of the food centre, said that in February and March the centre – at 1480 Heron Rd. – served 684 Syrian refugees.

Simms said... More  |  Plus

Forensics investigator collecting a sample in  Manor Park

In the wake of police charging five men in relation to what was Ottawa’s first homicide of the year, the community’s focus remains on working together.

Mohamed Najdi, 28, was killed at the Yule Manor Co-operative on Claremont Drive in Manor Park in what police said was a targeted gang-related shooting on January 10. Najdi was a known gang member with prior charges and... More  |  Plus

Uber App

After a marathon 18-hour session of feedback and debate at the committee level, a plan to update Ottawa's taxi regulations and to licence ride-hailing companies lands at full city council Wednesday.

Like many cities, Ottawa has been grappling for months with how to deal with the arrival of app-based Uber, and to craft regulations for such ride-hailing companies, while... More  |  Plus

Mayor Jim Watson and Rideau-Rockcliffe Coun. Tobi Nussbaum

The province is going to let Ontario’s cities ban corporate and union campaign contributions and use a new kind of ballot for their next elections, if they want.

This could, and should, make life uncomfortable for a lot of Ottawa politicians.

Municipal Affairs Minister Ted McMeekin announced the plans Monday. The first idea arrives in Ottawa... More  |  Plus

Ballot being placed in box

The City of Ottawa will be allowed to adopt ranked-ballot voting, as well as ban corporate and union donations, after proposed changes to Municipal Elections Act were announced by the province early Monday afternoon.

For Ottawa123, the lobby group that's been pushing for electoral reform at the municipal level for years, it's the first of several hurdles to clear... More  |  Plus

Voters in voting booth

Could Ottawa move past the post in 2018?

The province said Monday it will give cities the option of using a ranked ballot system instead of first-past-the-post in the next municipal election.

The new system lets voters rank their top candidates in order of preference. If no one wins 50 per cent of the vote, the last-place candidate is eliminated and their second... More  |  Plus

Library main branch

Somerset Coun. Catherine McKenney and Rideau-Rockliffe Coun. Tobi Nussbaum want residents to start thinking about how they’d evaluate potential locations for a new central library.

As the library board prepares for public consultations, McKenney said she wants people to consider some elements from a survey that was commissioned by the board.

Figures show that 68... More  |  Plus

The Fifth-Clegg bridge concept art

The federal government could fast-track Ottawa’s cycling and pedestrian plans by up to 11 years, if some city councillors get their way.

Four urban councillors – Mathieu Fleury, Catherine McKenney, Jeff Leiper and Tobi Nussbaum – sent a joint letter to deputy city manager John Moser last Wednesday, asking him to prioritize cycling and pedestrian projects when staff... More  |  Plus



A well-travelled yet unofficial dirt path through St. Paul’s Park in Overbrook is set to get some tender... More  |  Plus

House in Rockcliffe Park

Which properties contribute to Rockcliffe Park’s unique leafy charm and which don’t?

The difference between “contributing” and “non-contributing” properties still needs to be clarified after Ottawa’s built heritage sub-committee approved a new heritage conservation district plan for Rockliffe Park on Tuesday. It’s unclear how long that might take, said Rideau-... More  |  Plus

Monster home in Rockcliffe

A new heritage conservation district plan for Rockcliffe Park may help prevent “monster homes” in Ottawa’s most prestigious neighbourhood. 

The draft plan, which will be before the city’s built heritage subcommittee next Thursday, is an update to previous guidelines set out in 1997 under the Ontario Heritage Act, when the entire village was designated a heritage... More  |  Plus

Payday loan businesses

The Ontario government has introduced legislation it says will increase protection for people using payday loan outlets and other “alternative financial services.”

Canada’s multi-million-dollar payday loan industry, regulated provincially, has been accused of preying on the most financially vulnerable and sucking them into a cycle of high-interest loans that many are... More  |  Plus

Mayor Jim Watson

Mayor Jim Watson’s pledge to keep the tax rate increase to two per cent will be put to the test when the city’s 2016 draft budget is tabled later this week.

How the city will achieve this goal, a commitment Watson made before winning re-election last fall, will likely involve a mix of targeted cuts and one-time borrowing from city reserves.

Sculpted by Watson... More  |  Plus

Presto card reader

Bus fares will likely be the hot topic at transit commission this Thursday as OC Transpo stares down an $11.5-million deficit.

The city’s 2011 transit affordability plan calls for regular, incremental fare increases of 2.5 per cent each year in order to pay for Ottawa’s massive light rail project, which is currently under construction.

But commission chair Coun... More  |  Plus

Bike on snowy path

Ottawa Coun. Tobi Nussbaum wants the city to commit in its plans to clear more paths for pedestrians and cyclists this winter.

Councillors on the City of Ottawa's transportation committee have already pledged $200,000 a year to remove more snow — on top of the 20 kilometres of paths already cleared — but the plan still needs to be approved at budget time.

"... More  |  Plus

CFB Rockcliffe redevelopment

City council has approved the mammoth redevelopment of the CFB Rockcliffe lands, which will create a new neighbourhood that will eventually bring 10,000 new residents to the area.

“It will be an exciting day for many people who have been eagerly anticipating the approval of this very ambitious project,” Rideau-Rockcliffe Coun. Tobi Nussbaum said at a council meeting... More  |  Plus

Reunion des conseilleurs

La Société immobilière du Canada (SIC), une société d'État fédérale, veut transformer l'ex-complexe militaire en un quartier résidentiel et commercial. La SIC est propriétaire du site de quelque 125 hectares, situé à l'est du centre-ville, depuis 2011.

Le projet immobilier prévoit notamment la construction de 5200 appartements au cours des 15 à 20 prochaines années.... More  |  Plus

CFB Rockcliffe redevelopment aerial view

The city’s planning and development committee has approved the community development plan for the former CFB Rockcliffe.

Now the real work begins, says Rideau-Rockcliffe Coun. Tobi Nussbaum. The new development, which encompasses 131 hectares, will eventually be home to 10,000 people. It won’t be finished for another 20 years.

“This is a visionary document and a... More  |  Plus

L'ex base militaire

«Enfin!» L'ancien conseiller municipal d'Ottawa, Jacques Legendre, a exprimé mardi tout haut ce que beaucoup pensent tout bas: la municipalité va finalement de l'avant avec sa transformation de l'ex-base militaire de Rockcliffe en un nouveau quartier résidentiel et commercial d'importance.

Le comité d'urbanisme a donné son aval au méga projet de 131 hectares situé à l... More  |  Plus

CFB Rockcliffe redevelopment aerial view

The City of Ottawa's planning committee has approved the redevelopment of the former CFB Rockcliffe air force base just east of downtown Ottawa.

The plans by Canada Lands Company Limited (CLCL) would bring around 5,500 housing units to the property. 

Most of the buildings would be six storeys or fewer, but some mixed-use buildings would be as tall as 20... More  |  Plus

CFB Rockcliffe redevelopment aerial view


The City of Ottawa’s planning committee is set to consider a detailed and ambitious blueprint for redeveloping the former Rockcliffe military base to accommodate thousands of new homes over the next 20 years, making it the largest residential development inside the Greenbelt in a generation. Matthew Pearson explains.


... More  |  Plus
Map of St. Laurent blvd.

Bike lanes could be coming to St. Laurent Boulevard as early as this summer.

City staff unveiled its preferred roadway configuration for the project at a community open house on June 18. The plan promises to make the boulevard safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

It will provide a bike lane along the roadway from Hemlock Street to Montreal Road, providing a link... More  |  Plus

Draft of proposed changes to communism memorial

The Victims of Communism memorial has been drastically reduced in size, but the NCC has moved closer to finalizing its controversial location.

The National Capital Commission presented a significantly smaller design for the proposed monument at its board of directors meeting on June 25, but it also approved starting a decontamination project on the site in preparation... More  |  Plus

Cyclists on Beechwood Ave.

Although Beechwood Avenue is not scheduled to be rebuilt any time soon, two city councillors are appealing to residents to envision ways transportation can improve along the corridor.

Rideau-Vanier Coun. Mathieu Fleury and Rideau-Rockcliffe Coun. Tobi Nussbaum have scheduled a meeting on June 24 to discuss how the street can be altered to better accommodate... More  |  Plus

Plan for former CFB Rockcliffe site

The Canada Lands Company has submitted an application to the city to build a 6,000-home subdivision on the former CFB Rockcliffe lands.

The crown corporation needs the city to rezone the property in order to make way for the mixed-use development that will eventually bring 10,000 new residents to the area.

The mammoth parcel is bounded by the Ottawa River to the... More  |  Plus

Library main branch


Location, location, location: that was the theme of the Ottawa Public Library board’s meeting on June 9, which gave staff a mandate to officially start planning a new central branch.

The library board has approved the staff recommendation to build a new central... More  |  Plus

Map of proposed Sandy Hill Heritage sites

Hundreds of buildings in Sandy Hill could soon join the city’s heritage family tree.

On Thursday, the built heritage sub-committee approved 332 buildings for the heritage registry, plus a new historical boundary around Sandy Hill that would set building guidelines for new developments and renovation projects.

Rideau-Rockcliffe Coun. Tobi Nussbaum, the committee... More  |  Plus

Conceptualization of Victims of Communism Memorial


A day after Defence Minister Jason Kenney told an audience at a city hall breakfast event that the completed site on Wellington Street will be “more like a park” once the monument is built, Rideau-Rockcliffe Coun. Tobi... More  |  Plus

Conceptualization of Victims of Communism Memorial

Rideau-Rockcliffe Coun. Tobi Nussbaum is wading into the debate over a planned memorial to victims of communism, asking the federal government to put it somewhere else.

The rookie councillor will introduce a motion at the end of the month that would formally request the Harper government relocate its memorial somewhere other than between the Supreme Court and Library... More  |  Plus

Citizens voicing opinions

A packed panel discussion at a church on McArthur Avenue perhaps speaks volumes to the growing concern around climate change policies in Canada, but the five participating politicians were hardly able to scratch the surface of the contentious topic during a two-hour discussion.

Ecology Ottawa hosted the event at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship church in... More  |  Plus

Councillor Tobi Nussbaum


Tobi Nussbaum has launched an effort to get corporate and union money out of municipal politics.

The Rideau-Rockcliffe councillor is looking to make good on a campaign promise to get rid of corporate and union campaign contributions by introducing a motion at city council that could lead... More  |  Plus

Councillor Tobi Nussbaum

When Tobi Nussbaum ran in last fall’s campaign, the Rideau-Rockcliffe councillor promised to introduce a motion to ban corporate and union donations in municipal elections during his first 100 days in office.

A tall order. Moving the motion is easy — but getting 13 of his council colleagues to agree to the election financing changes was going to be a serious challenge... More  |  Plus

Councillor Tobi Nussbaum

First-time Ottawa city councillor Tobi Nussbaum says he'll ask Queen's Park to prohibit corporate and union donations to candidates seeking municipal office in this city.

But first he'll need the support of his council colleagues, many of whom accepted such contributions during the recent election campaign, and say they don't support a ban.

Nussbaum refused to... More  |  Plus

Public giving input

Wednesday is budget day at Ottawa City Hall.

After weeks of discussion and debate, the $3.073-billion spending plan is expected to pass without much fuss.

Here’s what you need to know.


The residential tax-rate increase for both urban and rural homeowners will be two per cent, while the commercial rate increase... More  |  Plus

McArthur repair shop

Planning committee turned the tables on a staff recommendation last week, voting 7-3 to allow the construction of a car repair facility on McArthur Avenue despite its designation as a traditional main street.

Bel-Air Lexus-Toyota general ma­nager Michel Parent applied to the city to rezone three properties near his Lexus dealership at 450 McArthur Ave. to allow a... More  |  Plus


The words “budget” and “public consultation” may evoke suppressed memories of uncomfortable folding chairs, stale muffins and cold coffee. More worrisome, however, is the fact that for many, those words are synonymous with being talked at, not listened to.

This week, we are hosting two sessions of what we are calling Budget Speak, in addition to the city-run area... More  |  Plus


The Ontario government is currently considering reducing speed limits in residential areas as part of a plan to protect pedestrians in the case of automobile accidents. 

In many ways, that debate is a unique one. In other ways it is well-debated territory that, in most previous cases, has fallen on the side of slower speeds for the sake of safety.

According... More  |  Plus

aerial view of Ottawa

The naked man opened his door partway to tell me that he was sorry he couldn’t speak but that he had no clothes on. I immediately threw up my hands to indicate my full appreciation for his predicament and quickly moved to carry on to his neighbour’s apartment.

“But hold on, come to think of it…”, he said, and proceeded to ask about the plans for the vacant lot across... More  |  Plus

Concerned citizens

Protesters gathered on the corner of St. Laurent Boulevard and Karen Way on Monday afternoon chanting “Easy on the Speed” to slow traffic in advance of the 2015 reconstruction to reduce the number of lanes on St. Laurent, which will slow the pace of reckless traffic permanently.

“I think that they should at the very least have a pedestrian crossing sign here and, I... More  |  Plus

Ottawa City Hall

City council approved the members and leaders for its committees and boards during its Dec. 10 meeting. Several committees, commissions and boards saw turnover in their leadership positions based on the advice of Mayor Jim Watson and the nominating committee.

Transit commission

Cumberland Coun. Stephen Blais said he’s looking forward to tackling... More  |  Plus

Les conseillers d'Ottawa

Les conseillers d'Ottawa, élus aux élections du 27 novembre, ont lancé les débats, mercredi, lors de leur toute première réunion du conseil municipal.

Ils ont d'abord pris connaissance du rapport sur la gouvernance, de presque 300 pages, qui trace les règles de fonctionnement des quatre prochaines années.

Une recommandation propose notamment de réduire le nombre... More  |  Plus

Ottawa City Hall

An amazing thing happened Wednesday at this term’s first city council meeting.

Councillors discussed, debated and disagreed on the specifics of a 289-page governance review for more than two-and-a-half hours. And yet the sky didn’t fall, there was no sign of dysfunction, and council seemed actually more productive than ever. There were even a few compromise motions... More  |  Plus

Tobi Nussbaum meets a constituent

MUNICIPAL. Place au vif du sujet pour les huit conseillers élus à la Ville d'Ottawa le 27 octobre dernier.

La formation dans le cadre du Programme d'orientation mis en place par l'administration de la Ville est dorénavant terminée depuis ce vendredi. Trois semaines en tout qui ont vu les nouveaux échevins plancher sur des sujets tels les... More  |  Plus


Living in a country in which rehab, fraud and corruption have dominated news coverage of municipal politics, it’s hard to imagine that elsewhere, a mayor’s campaign promise to lower speed limits could be considered, well, rather exciting.

But earlier this year, Anne Hidalgo, newly elected as mayor of Paris, ran and won with a proposal to reduce the speed of traffic to... More  |  Plus


The tipping point for cities likely went unnoticed. It could have been a baby born in a large hospital in Lagos. It might have been a Chinese farmer moving to Shanghai. Or perhaps it was the quiet passing of a grandparent in the Amazon.

Whatever it was, the result was dramatic. In 2009 and for the first time in history, more people lived inside urban areas than... More  |  Plus


There is much cynicism about politics and politicians these days. Some of it is deserved, some of it is misplaced. But the consequence is that voter participation has been trending down and confidence in our democratic institutions is low. Changing our approach to campaign financing in municipal elections provides an opportunity to increase civic engagement and trust.

... More  |  Plus

As hard as it might be these days to believe that the City of Ottawa can draw inspiration from Toronto City Hall, it is indeed the case. Beneath the rancour of the media-frenzied politics, Toronto has quietly undertaken an important step in municipal leadership that ought to serve as an example to the nation’s capital. 

Despite the rather dry title, the Toronto... More  |  Plus

beechwood article

When a fire broke out in the local hardware store in 2011, burning almost an entire block of cherished retail space to the ground, it is safe to say that Beechwood Avenue reached its nadir. To that point, a slow but steady decline had seen the exodus of numerous small businesses after the departure of the Mountain Equipment Co-op in 2000. Elsewhere, a strip of vacant and... More  |  Plus