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Ottawa Citizen >> Denley: Ottawa's new council needs to start demanding accountability

By: Randall Denley

The city has a transit commission comprised of eight councillors and four appointed members from the public. Despite all the turmoil and change on the transit file, the commission has only met five times this year and its agendas have been less taxing than that of the average Kiwanis Club.

The transit commission did accomplish one thing, but only because Coun. Tobi Nussbaum asked an impertinent question. He wondered why Transpo’s annual performance reports had ceased in 2014. 

Radio Canada >> Tour de 65 étages à Ottawa : une nouvelle étape franchie

Publié le mardi 10 juillet 2018

Tour de 65 étages à Ottawa : une nouvelle étape franchie
Un dessin des trois imposantes tours d'habitation 
Un aperçu du projet qui pourrait voir le jour au 900, rue Albert à Ottawa.  Photo : Ville d'Ottawa

Le projet de construction d'une tour de 65 étages au centre-ville d'Ottawa vient de franchir une étape importante. Le comité d'urbanisme de la Ville vient d'approuver ce vaste chantier par un vote de sept voix contre deux.

L'imposante tour résidentielle et commerciale de 65 étages aura pignon sur rue a

Le Droit >> La bonne façon

Publié le 16 juillet 2018

Par: Denis Gratton, Le Droit

CHRONIQUE / Après l’Armée du Salut qui compte construire un méga-refuge de 350 lits au 333 du chemin de Montréal, à Vanier, voici que les Bergers de l’Espoir comptent construire à leur tour un édifice de 42 logements au 765 du chemin de Montréal, à moins de deux kilomètres de là.
Ce futur immeuble des Bergers de l’Espoir sera érigé à l’angle du chemin de Montréal et du chemin Lang’s, tout près des terrains de l’Hôpital Montfort.

Ottawa Citizen >> City bus service at the 'peak of the peak of detours'

By Jon Willing

OC Transpo’s top manager says the service is “at the peak of the peak of detours” because of downtown construction, creating a “fragile” network that relies heavily on buses redirected to routes in response to demand changes.

“I’m sensitive to how important this is for our customers because any cancelled trip or any impact to our customer is important because we’re here to serve them and we care very much about their service,” John Manconi said after a transit commission meeting Wednesday.

CBC >> End tax advantage for parking lots, councillor says

Ottawa's relatively generous tax policy for space-hogging downtown parking lots should be updated to encourage smarter development, an Ottawa city councillor believes.

"We want to invigorate, we want to revitalize downtown, and I think to do that we have to make sure we're sending the right tax signals to do that," Rideau-Rockcliffe Coun. Tobi Nussbaum said Wednesday.

Right now the typical commercial property owner in Ottawa pays 1.9 times the residential property tax rate, while owners of surface parking lots pay only 1.3 times the residential rate.

Ottawa Citizen >> Feel like your Route 6, 7 and 12 buses are late more than others? You're right

By Jon Willing

Customers of OC Transpo Routes 6, 7 and 12 are right to think their buses don’t show up on time more often than other routes.

Statistics published Wednesday by the transit agency show the three routes have a higher-than-average cancellation rate than the rest of the bus system.

The figures are in a response to questions from Coun. Tobi Nussbaum and are attached to a transit commission agenda. The commission meets next Wednesday.

CBC >> Ottawa city councillors want clarity around LRT contract

Coun. Tobi Nussbaum said he was also taken aback to learn that RTG would not be on the hook financially for the delay. 

"I think I was as surprised as everybody else was in light of the fact that the briefing material, which the public had received over the last couple months — and a lot of the public statements — had suggested that if the deadline beyond May 24 were passed that there would be a fine levied at a million dollars."  


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