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Share your ideas for Rideau-Rockcliffe. The ideas will be reviewed and shared with Tobi and a member of our team will be in touch with you. If you would not like your idea published on the website, not a problem! Please let us know in your message. If you have a general question or comment you can also contact us here

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Your 10 Action HuffPo Article

Hello Councillor Nussbaum and Team. I was very intrigued by your Huffpo piece on the 10 local actions to improve economic opportunities, social equity and health outcomes for citizens. The remark about municipally backed loans was particularly interesting. I wanted to reach out to support in any way that idea even if just affirming the value of that idea. A Municipal financial institution could provide social impact bonds for precisely the objectives of affordable housing, renewable energy production, and local socially minded businesses. It would also allow the pooling of risk, access to capital, and depending on its design, the sharing of expertise. I really hope you move forward on the idea. Cheers, Declan Ingham